Engineering with Perrone
Principles of Engineering • VHS

Vandegrift High School | 9500 McNeil Drive, Austin, TX | T: 512 570 2300 |


About the Class

Course Materials


You need a notebook, writing utensils, and a laptop.


I also recommend a scientific or graphing calculator.


PLTW Engineering Formula Sheet



Learning Objectives











Course Syllabus (with Grading Policy)













I am available after school (4:00-4:30) and during PIT. Should you need to see me at another time, please talk with me.



Final Exam


The school year concludes with a mandatory End of Course exam, provided by PLTW and administered during normal class time. (Failure of this exam would not prevent you from earning credit for the course.)


Furthermore, you may be interested in the AP® + PLTW program, a combined effort between the College Board and Project Lead The Way (PLTW) to increase participation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses. This program provides an opportunity for students to earn a recognition that shows colleges and employers that they're ready for advanced course work and interested in STEM careers. Find more details about this recognition here and sign up here.